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Among the variety of computer games I want to draw attention to some of them, playing in which the child receives not only a fun game, but also to teach. This should take into account the tastes of children. Most often, children enjoy playing with their favorite characters, for example, it could be Mary from the cartoon "Masha and the Bear", the animals of "Madagascar", or all known Dasha. Animation with Dasha long captivated children's hearts and to be honest, not just cartoons. The World Wide Web you can find a number of games based on the story of the cartoon "Dasha". Children can choose the one that is closer to them. Games Dasha and slipper - is developing games that are suitable for both the smallest and the children are older. They learn to count, remember, think logically, help in learning English, as well as expand the scope of the child, introducing him to different animals and more. Catching up with Dasha and playing games Dasha traveler, the baby moved into the world of exciting adventures of Dasha-tracker and her friends. Dasha game ranger - various role-playing games (you need to plant flowers, cook, fold paired pictures, believed to be in different subjects), where the child is fully developed, which, in principle, is the main goal of any training. Kids Games "Dasha-traveler" open vast world of adventure with Dasha and her friends. Games with Dasha taught how together with friends can cope with any problems. Dasha traveler game broadens the mind of the child. Very convenient that the game of Dasha at hand: you can not just install them on your computer, but also to play online. This is a big plus, because not necessarily interrupt the education of the child, leaving, for example, to the country, where there is no Internet, and vice versa - when the favorite child to lead you into the office and say, "Well, sit down with your child," and you have this time, a lot of cases, and report to the authorities to take lunch. Colorfully presented game immediately draws the child and he is, as they say, meek grass. They willingly pick outfits for Dasha, learn new words, study wildlife, playing quests, or you can try your hand at singing in the children's online karaoke. Sing along with Dasha traveler and shoes and the characters TheFreshBeatBand, TeamUmizoomi and NiHaoKai-Ian. As you can see, there are many different types of games, "Dasha". They can be useful to time playing a musical instrument, bingo, and other interesting mini-games, the more so that the traveler can play Dasha two or more players. Games with Dasha and help children and their parents!

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