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It is well-known fairy tale "Cinderella" in a hundred years of its existence, that it is known to the public, managed to get a great variety of cultural and temporal layers completely different properties. It is, after all, is to some extent arhetepichnoy. He looped a pretty self-sufficient heroine and her incredible passivity before the circumstances. For a start, the heroine meekly accept bullying her sisters and stepmother Stakhanov pace puts records on stupid homework, anything for it without receiving. Next, it is not clear what is so impressed by the prince's ball - kind of girl that just an hour ago dropped the pots and plates? This prince, who is accustomed to fronting and did not see heavy labor court ladies. I doubt it! Doing small talk, the plastic in the dance? But all this is enough and surrounded by the future king. The conclusion you can make one - we have to be true love at first sight, which is of most Cinderella does not require any effort. It's like a lottery win. Actually this is the seductive charm of a fairy tale - do not need anything, just wait, and you will love. Is not it a dream? In principle, true love is often the case. But remember that the fan of this style of life need not anyhow who, only a real prince! Even the girls in the toast at a place to be congratulations wish to meet him. Only here the princes are all different. In some, it is a soul mate with whom want to live life, and for some millionaire who finds waiting in a small cramped apartment on the outskirts and then summon married. Such dreams, unfortunately, left with nothing is not a virgin, hammered into the heads of women broken model, which is based on passive waiting. Go to the goal, to cultivate, look - this Cinderella, if this is a typical Cinderella, do not get carried away. It will sit until old age, and wait for the ball invitation card, which under the action required at the entrance handing rich princes. But would still like to play a certain age for girls cinderella girls are very interesting and even useful. For a start, the children love to play games like Cinderella game made based on favorite fairy tales. And the concept of "marriage" in this age of perceived rather vague and abstract, and not as a target setting for life. Main time to time to bring the girl right thing at the right age. Cinderella games for girls of almost any age - dress, exciting quests, exploring - all of this comes in the form of our heroine.

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