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Card game Debertz originates from Russia, where she began to play from the middle of the 20th century. Since then, the game has since won millions of fans around the world. Today, everyone can not just get together with your friends to spread the cards, but also to play Deberts online. With the help of the Internet make it very easy and accessible at any time. In this card game a few options: Kharkov Debertz, Debertz for two, three or more players and Moscow Debertz. Such a number of varieties can add variety to the game. To play Deberts online, you need to know the rules. Players are given a deck of 32 cards. Then all is as follows: all players Deberts distribute 6 cards. After passing the participant can see the cards and figure out what to do - check 'or play. If the card is not entirely successful - you can say "pass" if the player believes it is better to take the risk - then says "play." Ability to travel is given in a circle - the dealer player to be ordered cards last. Plays the one who first said "play." This person is called Vista, and in the game Deberts he must earn more points than the other players. If, after having been declared a trump card, all players folded, in the same sequence exhibited shifts. Next pass card sent by another player. Once the player has ordered the game, the dealer must give three cards in a row. In the end, every player eventually gets 9 cards. In this case, the advantage is the bottom card of the deck, is illuminated, it is placed on top of all the decks "for a mill." To play Debertz necessarily need to know the rules. The game may be over, when one player wins a specific amount of points or greater than the other, and inform all the other players. Such a player may make a statement after the next bribe, only on condition that it does not last. You can move to the state or before the card will be charged on the next hand. Debertz - a very interesting game that will have a great time at the company. If there is none, then Debertz online to play for free on our website with virtual opponents or the computer. Online games Debertz popular among adults, so the Internet can find it easily enough. Gambler quickly forget about the time, if it starts to play Deberts online. Debertz play online without registration - a great way to spend an evening or have fun in the company of like-minded people.

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