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Cartoon "Pokemon" appeared on local screens in 1996. The appearance of this cartoon preceded by a series of computer games, has become in the ranking second after another famous brand of Mario. So yes, the first Pokémon game there, and then the cartoons. The former Soviet Union, these funny creatures, whose name can be translated as "pocket monsters", has caused a storm. Adults do not understand how kids can be like being poorly classified (yes, the difference of cultures still has great value.) The children, on the contrary, were drawn to the new trend. From the point of view of the Japanese developer Satoshi Tajiri, the "father" of Pokémon, they attract children is their awkwardness. Today, in the age of internet, Pokemon games online have become incredibly popular. After a generation to play them as a child, grew up, and because adults do not see them as something hostile. And children always liked funny little animals. Pokémon became heroes today many games. Pokemy and save your friends and solve logic puzzles, and unthread. There is even a special dress for the Pokemon, as well as puzzles, coloring pages. Most of the games presented on the internet online. The game "Hidden Objects" can improve your child's attention and perseverance. The point of this game is to find and mark the picture with your favorite cartoon characters, all hidden objects. Game for a while, so look to be very fast. And you need to control the mouse only. "Pokemon on the bike" game with enough original graphics. In this game, small Pokémon ride bikes and perform tricks of varying complexity. Basically, this game will be interesting for boys and girls will find here a lot of interesting things for themselves. The game is also divided into levels, so that there is a competitive element. "The Adventures of Pikachu" - a mix of puzzle game and action. Little Pokemon goes into a difficult journey. Help him overcome all dangers and pass all the tests. The main thing - be careful, because life is not endless. "My imaginary friend" - this is a game designer, in which you can create a virtual friend. He can choose a face, a name, clothes, and accessories. Another form of the game - "Photo of Pokémon." Here you can create an image of a Pokemon and its owners. You can choose a character to change his clothes, and the surrounding landscape. "Pokemon Revolution" - a shooting game in which the Pokemon should be shot from all sorts of monsters and other such nastiness.

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