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All know the series of cartoons about the Ice Age - love it and the adults and children. Play games ice age 3, and then you just provided a good mood! Familiar characters cartoon get into various adventures, and the main character games - this restless squirrel Scrat, which is strongly trying to find a nuts and acorns. Ice Age 3 games of the series, it is full of surprises and Action job resourcefulness, which leave no one indifferent! To play Ice Age 3, you simply choose from a variety of their favorite cartoon episode. And there are plenty to choose: here and adventures on behalf of Sid the sloth and Manny the mammoth, the saber-toothed tiger Diego proud, toothy prehistoric squirrel Scrat, and other characters pictures. The second part is called the cartoon "Ice Age-3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs", but because there is also a risk of flight from the bloodthirsty dinosaurs chasing acorns, and you can explore the jungle concealing threats and deep caves. But this game - not just the passage of the performance of simple tasks. There is a good test for intelligence and logic problems. Good graphics and excellent humor this fun game gives a special charm to this prehistoric adventure. Play Ice Age 3 is easy and pleasant! Ice Age games online - it is also an opportunity to confront global warming on the basis of the proposed plot patterns "Ice Age 2: The Meltdown"! When animals learn that melting glaciers could lead to disaster, they are sent to the ship. However toothy squirrel Scrat does not stop even this news - it continues to search for his zheludeobraznogo nut. This game introduces us to the new funny characters - possums, liveliness character which perfectly helps them solve the most difficult problems. Also, we will be able to learn more about the fears heroes seemingly fearless Longjaw tiger Diego as a real house cat, very afraid of the water. Adventures give birth to heroes on thin ice, where they are attacked by marine lizards. Do your best to fight off these dangerous creatures and help finally get Scrat nut! Ice Age 2 game contain clues to even the youngest players can easily pass all the exciting adventures to the end! Collect a variety of types of nuts to get extra points, bonuses - the game is not only known for his cartoon acorn and chestnut trees, and other goodies for Scrat!

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