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Labyrinths - is the plain, but no less interesting game. Love it and the adults and the children, because it is fun and does not require complex solutions. Degree of difficulty is determined by the number of outputs of the maze, dead ends and path length. But most importantly, he knows every play in the "maze" - is that a way out of it just is! Games maze originate from real historic structures, which in its time created different peoples. For example, the most ancient labyrinth was found in ancient Egypt, it was built about five thousand years ago! This labyrinth is a large area, surrounded by a high wall, which is located inside the room above and below it. It was just a huge maze: its total area is 70 thousand square meters! Most facilities are underground, because to go to the territory had torches, and doors opening and closing published terrible frightening sounds. Pass this maze was a dangerous pastime not for the faint of heart, because the people who did not know his moves, could ever get lost in it. Many people know about the notorious maze on the Greek island of Crete, which was built by the Athenian architect Daedalus. He was much smaller than the Egyptian labyrinth (a total area of ​​nearly 22,000 square meters), but that he was no less exciting and dangerous. According to the legend in this maze Minotaur lived - this being uncommon strength with the human body and the head of a bull sacrificed seven young girls and seven boys. Many have tried to kill the Minotaur, but going missing, lost in a maze of jumping. Then Theseus, son of the King of Athens, volunteered to deal with the monster. But he needed help: no fairy goddess Ariadne's thread, he could hardly get out of the labyrinth and defeat the monster. In England, too, has its own mazes. To recall the story of Alice, who wandered in Wonderland in the endless maze of manicured bushes that formed the walls up to the sky! In a maze, it is an unusual creature, who told her their stories. Go as soon as possible on an exciting journey! Online games mazes will transport you to a wonderful magical worlds full of mystery, magic and adventure! Wander through the corridors of the maze, find out and avoid hazards - be a hero and go through all the tests that conceals the turns and jumps. But remember that not all paths can lead you to the desired goal.

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