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If you are bored with the game about dwarves, elves, hobbits, if you do not want to fight with dragons, that is a great alternative - space online game. You will be able to cross the vast expanses of the galaxy in huge spaceships chopped lightsaber blasters to shoot from and fight with aliens for the bright future of the earth. Below we look at the most popular online games space. «Founders Online» - this is an incredibly interesting online game that you can play for free. The game appeared Ideas hundreds of players from around the web ðóíåò. It really is unlimited browser game, in which everyone can find what he wants. You can develop the planet, and hunt for artifacts, plan game objects and develop the economy, to build relationships with different races. The special features of the game can be attributed such developments: 1. A well-designed system of construction and design of ships. They are divided into classes according to their functions (engineering, transportation, military, processing). Also, you can improve them with shift components. 2. Six original races who can choose their players, as well as two races, with whom they meet during the game. 3. Development of economic and trade system, as well as licensing and organization of mass production. 4. Battle fleet is very easy to maintain - just put it on the planet. 5. One can not completely destroy the planet, graphs and attacked peaceful flotilla of other planets. 6. Very deep game world. Here you can make alliances, to spy, to perform various tasks, to fight pirates. Also available are random events that affect the course of events. «Battle Abyss Online» - this is a new online space game, in which you find yourself in the twenty-second century at the helm of a super modern spacecraft. You will be able to destroy enemies and engage in large-scale interplanetary wars. As soon as you earn experience and money, ships, games will improve, and you will get more opportunities. Also, you can improve your ship already familiar. The game good graphics and easy system management. A main point of the game - in the cosmic struggle between the superpowers. «DARKORBIT» - another game that is on the top of the hit parade browser space toys. It has three aspects: Venus, Earth and Mars. It was one of them and you have to join. This is a war for resources, because they are needed and to fight, and to improve the ship, and to improve the ability of soldiers. «BATTLESTAR GALACTICA ONLINE» - a game based on the popular television series Space. The plot of the game - a brutal war of people with robots. The developers have done a very good graphics to battle looked spectacular. At the beginning of the game you - Captain small warship. Gradually, your skills and resources are increasing, then the player comes to the biggest Raiders.

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