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Bubbles   Each of us has at least once in their lives wanted to play an exciting game where the screen is filled with brightly colored bubbles, which should be removed. Here you can finally plunge into the colorful world of sweet balls and bubbles to play online. This plain, but certainly the most interesting and popular game on the Internet may remind you of some of the elements of Tetris, billiards, zooms, and other famous arcade game, but when you start playing for free bubbles, you will realize that this game took only the best moments from other arcades. Shoot the balls in the direction of the upper cluster of bubbles, trying to get to most of the balls of the same color, then they burst, and you will be credited to the account of a certain amount of points, depending on the number of bubbles of the same color. The points you will be able to see in a separate column. Simply move your mouse over the bubbles at the top of the screen, and click the left mouse button, then the upper ball will explode, adding your scores. If, for example, you shoot the ball is blue, then get to a cluster of bubbles, too blue. The more balls of the same color to burst at once, the more you're in luck, and, hence, the number of points will be higher. It may seem that the scores of the game depends on your luck, but this is not the case. To play online bubbles with great results, you need to be a bit of strategy, vision, anticipating future moves and their consequences. A little ingenuity and luck - and you can easily earn maximum points, assessing the different gaming strategy. The intuitive interface helps you to quickly grasp the game and become the overall winner in the fight with pretty bubbles. Online games are the leaders among the bubbles of simple games, because it is impossible to break away from them, they give an unforgettable joy and happiness to the people, delight the eye with their bright, vivid colors. This game is fun and enjoyable helps to spend your free time, you can even a lunch break at work to make the most of a relaxing, treat yourself to moments of bright and fresh impressions, freeing your mind from unnecessary information, and by allowing ourselves to rejoice by destroying colored bubbles. Even psychologists argue that bubbles online game is useful and pleasant, because this game gives serenity and satisfaction with life. All problems in life burst like bubbles, when the screen displays favorite game. You can even arrange a contest among his friends, one of them will score the highest number of points, but you do not doubt your victory, right?

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