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Sonic X - is a game in which the rate of a new release coincides with the speed of the main character - a nice bright blue hedgehog, who never tired of saving the world since 1991. Remember, as a child, you were expecting a call from the last lesson in school that would be as soon as possible to get home and play in Sonic X. In Sonic X game online, you can directly on our site, and completely free. There is also no need to go through a long registration on the site, because it is non-existent! Your objective in the game to collect as many coins and destroy as many as possible in the allotted evil robots amount of time, that is, in one minute. Hurry up, because if you do not meet the allotted seconds, will have to start all over again. Playing games Sonic X, you are immersed in a colorful world known since childhood. Trees and grass are moved smoothly from the first versions of the dream book and still swaying gently in the background. Collect as much as possible the number of bonus points to move to the next level. Surprisingly fascinating world, to be sure - you exhale only at the last level and was surprised to notice that the game is over! And the most interesting thing is that your fingers are pulled pass it again - jumping over bumps and collect cherished gold ring! While playing, you can go through all the new levels with complex tasks and obstacles - this is a good incentive to try and make Sonic run faster. Sonic - it's a game that will always be popular and will always keep its rightful place among the favorite toys of all. Sonic wants to play one always and everywhere, regardless of age, gender and taste preferences. You will not notice how the game will be fun for your favorite (and again, yes!) And your children. Sonic will be a good friend to your child - these games develop positively and take the child, they are really able to motivate and inspire, so do not forget to introduce their daughters and son with a super-cropped. Tell them what my mother and father took a great interest in the child, and what games do not lie that you did not have caps with Sonic! Play, pass, level by level, and help save the world hedgehog, purify it from harmful robots, collect treasured coins, which will soon turn into valuable points, enjoy passed obstacles, develop your speed and reaction - in this game you will find only advantages no cons! We want you to win, top speed and new achievements!

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