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Once upon a time the brothers Grimm heard and recorded the German legend of Rapunzel - a girl with unusually long golden hair, named for wild plants - valeryannitsy. Thus was born the famous fairy tale about a girl who stole the wicked witch mother and imprisoned in a very high tower for years. Years passed, and the little girl has grown into a beautiful girl with unusually long beautiful hair. All this time the witch would not let poor Rapunzel from captivity. At the end of the tradition handsome prince fell in love with the unfortunate prisoner, won a witch girl and freed from prison. Based on the Grimm's fairy tales Disney Studio recently released a cartoon where a long-haired golden-haired Rapunzel appeared before the audience in a rather unexpected light - a bold, defiant rebel, eager interesting adventures. Now you can not try on the role of the submissive, imprisoned in bondage girl, quietly suffering and waiting for her knight in shining armor who will someday save the poor soul. As you role dazzling and brave beauty who knows for sure what he wants and how to achieve it? Playing games for girls Rapunzel, you can finally feel like a Disney princess beauty-not in the usual sense of the word. We have a variety of genres Rapunzel game play that is endless, choosing a suitable image of a modern beauty who will not tolerate restrictions and prohibitions, never accept their miserable fate, and will fight for their love and freedom. In the game the wizarding world everything has been turned on its head, as sweet and charming Rapunzel does not leave anyone indifferent. This fabulous girl will not tolerate abuse, neglect on the part of the bad witch, she thought her mother, until she found out the cruel and ugly truth. During the passage of Rapunzel exciting game you have to with a desperate and daring, but sweet and kind girl to walk this path to a new, unknown, and such a beckoning future. Playing online games for Rapunzel, it is impossible not to feel rebellious, and therefore, special princess with perfect hair, is ready for the new variety, and so impressive events in her life. Interesting, cute characters, colorful design, very simple interface, interesting story lines of the game - all this will give you unforgettable emotions, incomparable to anything! We guarantee fresh feeling during the game, take the mouse in your hand forward, toward adventure!

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