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Who does not know pretty boy Tony Stark? Without a doubt, he was the most popular girls' superhero immediately post how it played by Robert Downey Jr.. Tony almost perfect - handsome, billionaire, and even a superhero, to save mankind! A very good example to follow. Young and lucky, it is easy to cope with difficulties, defeating enemies and bringing the universe of Marvel edakogo little romantic prokaznichestva. It can take you, playing games iron man online. Dizzying flights, air and land battle, the ability of super-tech suit, conquest charming assistant, disclosure evil designs of enemies. Going by the storyline, you have to find out what is hiding under the shell of irony, sarcasm and selfishness, as if under his suit, Tony Stark. Maybe a good and romantic young man. It all started with the fact that one day the attackers kidnapped Tony Stark, a young and talented designer billionaire, with the intention to make him create for them a super weapon. Pretending to be ready to cooperate, Stark secretly directs all his talents on finding a way to escape. Survey scientist end bronekostyumy invention, equipped with high-tech devices and a small but very powerful source of energy. With the suit Stark escaped from enemy encirclement, and returned home to find his world turned upside down. Since then, he began to help humanity as Iron Man. Iron Man game is very diverse, from the passage of the storyline, to the unpretentious shooting enemies from the iron suit. But all these games have one thing - a great image of Iron Man, defender of the weak and the downtrodden, and the beneficiaries, playboy billionaire misanthrope in one. This amazing cocktail makes girls fall in love, and guys trying to be like him. Penetrated the skin of Tony Stark - you will feel what it is - to be the hope of mankind, to be able to shoot down helicopters by hand, roll up and intercept the rocket, take your turret and much, much more. Be prepared for the fact that the enemy is inventive and, most of all, try to copy the technology suit. Then you will need to fight with another person in such a mighty suit. But all of you and I know a secret, and that is the key to success of Iron Man, and all superheroes in general. The main thing - not a costume and who is under it.

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