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In a lecture at the university degree of philological literary education common notion of an oxymoron. Under this theme, often lead one common example of an oxymoron - a walking corpse. He is speaking of the alternative pathway, but few of us know where it is rooted. This is not nothing but a product of the primordial fear of humanity - the dead, risen from their graves. In other words - the people who broke the brink of life and death and came back. No wonder this type of evil is very popular in film and literature. And the gaming industry pays great attention to the subject. It's very beneficial for them and interesting - you can create using a zombie game zombie shooter with huge masses of enemies, and when you consider that they are in the canonical form of slow, but tenacious - it allows the player to shoot back from them for a long time, with time to recharge, which very exciting. Agree that in conventional shooters with fast enemies is very difficult to hold the pressure of a thousand enemies, but zombie games can easily and easy to shoot enemies with hundreds, if not thousands. Funny, that, contrary to logic, most often there are not zombies in horror games, and action-shooters, as you might think. A zombie games online, including striking the imagination provides the user with a circle of operation of these bodies. With severed limbs zombie can be a puzzle, as many zombies you can shoot a gun, or run into the stratosphere with a catapult. Do not believe it - there's even a game of chess with the zombies! Can not stop wondering imagination of developers. Zombie games online often receive very funny, freaky and definitely unforgettable. You can try to survive against the zombie masses who do not know or do not fear fatigue, or to make an insidious combination of items in the game logic, to destroy them all at once. And that's what a zombie flash games do not have - so this monotony and boredom. After all, they represented big set, all genres, tastes, and preferences. Here you will find intense action that will make you sweat, and the maximum concentration, and logical game, enveloped in a thin atmosphere, slightly chernushnogo humor, small exciting quests, and just different game where you have to throw the zombie as far as possible above, more and m . etc., Setting new records to the envy of the staff in the office. These games can be played, and people with weak nerves - because more often than not scary zombies, like in the movies, and funny-awkward.

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