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Games in which you can meet the characters of long familiar and beloved characters, are very popular among both children and adults. Playing and managing their favorite characters, you pass a lot of interesting adventures: Solve puzzles, go through difficult trials and, in the end, you get to the finish line. In these games, you will meet not only with Makivnom, but the tractor master, Doc and Hickson. You can play cars, both online and download games on your mobile phone. Our gaming portal offers you a fun and exciting opportunity to spend your time with the main characters of the cartoon Cars. Easy to manage to play a game in which cars without registering, please you and your baby. And below we look at the most popular games of the series. "Lego Cars 2" - a race in flash format based on the second part of the cartoon cars studio «Pixar». However, now the cars will be made as the world-famous designer «Lego». These cars online game called the most original. "Grand Prix for the boys" - this game based on the motives of two world-famous cartoons. You will take part in a championship. It consists of six stages, each successive stage becomes available after the passage of the previous one. In such games to play cars simply by simple controls. "Coloring Cars Makvina" suitable for children. Coloring games online offer cars to paint in different colors Makvina loved kids and his friends. It is also possible to carry out tuning cars in the garage, where they are preparing for a competition. "Racing in Radiator Springs" - a game based on the cartoon "Cars", where you first select one of the machines, and then take part in the race. Throughout the competition will gradually open up new areas of the track. «Web Trading Cars Chase» - a new online game in which cars will drive right through the streets of the big city. There are various game modes in which you can ride, and the empty streets, and in the rush hour and involved with street racing. Sharp turns, narrow streets and breathtaking twists - this is for you and your favorite cartoon characters. "Pimp My Ride" - the original online game, in which the service station you can build the car of your dreams. And it's not only about design, but also about the details, so the game will be very interesting to young mechanics. And after that, the car is ready, you can make a real test drive. «Car Parking Challenge» - a game in which you, as a real driver, will learn to park all the rules of the road, and then be able to feel like a real pro on the road.

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