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Sometimes, yielding impulse imagination and creating a new character, the author himself does not realize that his creation would become a real legend. And these characters, you can list a great many. But if the author tries to create a character with cold calculation, taking into account trends, public attitudes and adapts to these factors - that, more often, it will wait for a failure. 've Long known that the most brilliant things created by pure chance. When Walt Disney drew a cute little mouse with white gloves, he was primarily concerned about what he has to create a character that can fully replace rabbit Oswald. But at break business relationship with Universal Pictures brilliant cartoonist lost all legal rights to the character. Before that Walt created another rodent - Mortimer, but, unfortunately, it made no impression on the public. Mickey Mouse was clearly more successful attempt. Debut funny little mouse has a bit part in the movie "steamboat Willie." Even this small appearance showed that it is Mickey - future public favorite. Then rise and career of Mickey Mouse began. Animated mouse is very bright and impressively symbolized modern American culture, though deliberately, he did a patriotic not embodied. He was just born in America, and he was loved by Americans of all ages. This fact, in turn, has changed the way the Soviet Union to the character. He was assigned a cruel bloodthirsty image and venality is considered a key promise in American animation. In the mouth of detractors and Mickey Mouse cartoon game with a sense looked scary. A little later his image in America has become a cultural symbol of the era, and references to it can be seen not only in children's cartoons and books, but even in a serious movie. For example, in a quite adult, and serious film "Full Metal Jacket", directed by Stanley Kubrick is a scene where the soldiers marched through the ruins only Vietnamese city, which has just been destroyed by them, singing in chorus the title song from the TV series Mickey Mouse Club. And this example is not the only one. The popularity of this way of surprises with its viability - even after a very long time online games Mickey Mouse filled with his presence as a regular character. The secret of this success - is a universal hero. He is very multyashen, funny, and so his children love. Many people write his name is not entirely correct - mikimaus games online searchers still issued with a bang.

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