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Simpsons - the longest American animated series. This family wins viewers with 19. 04. 1987. It is this date marked the premiere of this cartoon in the vast channel FOX. With each passing day, with each series, breaking down stereotypes about the life of an ordinary American family, openly laughing and culturally different countries, making fun of celebrities and television, on the example of channel FOX. The Simpsons is to date in more than 100 countries. Finally, due to its popularity this family has reached and expanse of the World Wide Web. Now online games Simpsons are no less popular than their television prototypes. Simpsons games provide us the opportunity to go through all the difficulties and troubles along with the characters. Simpsons games online will give you the opportunity to feel romantic, like Lisa Simpson, move it through the images of Marge and Homer Simpson, that no matter what doomed to happiness. It is worth also mentioning that the three Simpsons games online provide the opportunity to try on the skin of Bart Simpson, with his eternal favorite with all the phrases, such as "My dog ​​ate my homework!"- The constant excuse when Bart comes to school without homework. Everyone who loved cartoon, it will be interesting to plunge into the world, help the heroes overcome by obstacles, to get even with the neighbors, and even betray the color of the main characters of the cartoon. If you're in the game Simpsons play, hitting the house of the Simpsons, you can see from the inside how the family lives. Take a walk through the house, review photos from the family album, to talk to their favorite characters and even revise the entire contents of the house, including the contents of cupboards and fridge! By joining to our characters, you can satisfy your curiosity. You will not be thrown out of the house, even on the contrary, the whole family Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, Marge Simpson, Lisa Simpson, sing the songs, turn on your favorite music. You may even be able to hear the beautiful melodies with a saxophone on which you play an excellent student and clever Lisa Simpson. Simpsons game will give you the full atmosphere of hospitality in simpsonovski, will talk to the neighbors, to visit the places of work and recreation characters, such as a factory, a school, as without Homer's favorite vacation spot - a pub. In general, we advise you to plunge into the world of The Simpsons games online, where everything is no hypocrisy and antics cartoon characters will behave simpsonovski.

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