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«Battle City» or "Tankzors" - a game that was released in 1980 for consoles. She became one of the first games for the platform Famicom. Shortly before it was vypushena game «Tank Battalion», which is considered a precursor «Tank." Tanchiki play online has become very popular, but because there were genuine fans of the game. All fans and new players can play tanchiki online. The landfill will be shown at the top. The essence of the game is that the player controls his tank and destroy all the enemy tanks. These tanks gradually appear at the top of the playing field. And the enemies, in turn, are trying to destroy your base and tank. Each level requires that the player must destroy twenty armored vehicles. Moreover, this armor will be different species. And if the enemy can destroy your base, or shoot down all the life - he won. Online games tanchiki characterized by numerous additional options. All involved in the gameplay thirty-five different levels. Each level consists of a rectangular box that is divided into 169 equal sectors. The thirty-fifth level passage will begin anew, but the combat units of the enemy will be a much more health. Play free online tanchiki interesting, as you will need to pass a large number of landscape barriers. It can be: 1. Brick wall. It can destroy a shot from the tank. The higher the class of the tank, the easier it will be to destroy the wall. Upscale tank punches a wall in one shot. 2. Concrete wall collapses as soon as the tank is very high class. Or you will have to collect bonuses. 3. Destroy bushes makes no sense, because they simply reduce visibility and degrade the quality of hits. Press down and shoot them to health. The main thing is not to shoot through them - you probably miss. Tanchiki games online are also interesting in that it worked water obstacles. Can not pass through them, but they miss the shells perfectly. In later versions, there is a special bonus that allows you to cross the river. Tanks marked stars. One star - it's the light tank, in which the velocity of the projectile will be minimal. The most difficult and high-quality tank, respectively, with three stars. Two in the middle. Depending on the number of the tank will have the strength and armor, respectively, the power tool. The higher the level of the tank, the harder to kill you, and you simply get the opponent.

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