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Each of us is a passion for an unforgettable adventure, thirst interesting travel with true friends, what tells us the famous cartoon studio DreamWorks «Madagascar." Has published several series of the cartoon, every next of which surprises us more and more, makes you wonder about many important things, such as friendship, mutual support and commitment to justice. After watching this popular cartoon and adults, and children want to get to the island of Madagascar, and plunge into the world of amazing events, along with cartoon characters. Through our website, you can now realize their dream and play online in Madagascar, where, having made friends with a lion, giraffe, hippo, zebra and penguins that have escaped from the zoo, will overcome all obstacles together. This game will give you the opportunity to try their hand at the role of a brave animal, always ready to lend a helping hand to the weak. Impossible to break away from the game Madagascar 4, where you have to try their hand at different difficulty levels, experiencing the fate and testing themselves and the enemies of endurance in various exotic locations that you have not seen the cartoon. Also provide you with great new characters that fill this bright, eventful and colorful places of the game fresh impressions. Now it is possible for a long time to plunge into childhood, where amazing always there and play Madagascar 2 is infinite, since this popular game is never boring, and its characters, Alex, Melman, Marty and Gloria with each new challenge you to become closer. Playing games online Madagascar, you will immediately receive a great mood and self-confidence. They have elements of shooters, brodilok, quests, and various tests for every taste that will please both children and their parents - will not be bored anyone. At the time you need to feel like a real animal - learn how to jump, growl, hunt and do other natural things for a wild animal, because it is so to fulfill its mission, and that is the main feature of the game. While the passing game Madagascar 3 you need to do is important for the whole island and its inhabitants defenseless goal - to stop the enemy Dubois and his loyal but cowardly servants. Marty can use all the opportunities of a wild animal, as well as bonuses received in the game to help his friends to overcome obstacles in their way. Adventures and exciting events will not keep you waiting!

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