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Games for Girls Cooking is very common on the Internet. You can actually cook anything. Everyone loves to eat delicious and nutritious. But it is necessary hedgehog and pay attention to decoration dish. After all of this, too, depends on your appetite. Beginner little lady always choose from a huge variety of games on cooking, those who want to replicate in real life. Admirers of beautiful weddings and parties are invited to play the game "the perfect wedding cake." You can cook delicious barbecue in the game "Sarah Kitchen: shashlik" or homemade pizza in the same game. The game "Perfect Wedding Cake" begins with a blank screen three-tiered cake with figures of the bride and groom on the top tier. Offered the right cake decorating. To begin selection of figures - you can put two suitors, the bride of different forms. Then to select given strawberries, bows, flowers of different shapes, hearts, balloons. There must show imagination. At the top, you can choose the number and the color of the cake tiers. Separate dressing for fringe tiers, as well as a stylish plate on which is your work of art. Your cake - your decorating! For the manifestation of imagination you can choose the games Cooking online, such as "Ice Cream Bunny" or "Make and decorate cookies". The principle of the game is the same as in the previous game. Provides a basis for ice cream, you can add balloons, water them different syrup decorate. The screen displays a set of various decorations and ingredients for ice cream. Now we only need your imagination! If the player wants to know the basics of this cooking game, you can choose to cooking with training. Need to study the recipe and started to practice with a chef to prepare meals, and then proceed to its own production. The kitchen offers the ingredients for cooking. If you hover your mouse on the product - there is a product name. It is necessary to play understood and remembered the recipe. Here you choose a dish is not difficult. You can find the recipe and make a cake with caramel sauce, rolls with custard. You can also receive training in the game "Cooking School". This game allows your child to be creative, to learn the basics of the culinary arts. And it is not surprising if soon the little girl asks these ingredients for your favorite dishes in the kitchen next to my mother.

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