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Avatar The Last Airbender games based on movies, books and television series, most often are successful, receive updates and further, they do not live in one-day butterflies. Avatar: The Last Airbender - New realistic flash game based on the animated series trehsezonnogo - Award nominee and winner of the Emmy Awards Annual Annie Awards. Few would disagree that the fantasy universe of good when perfectly thought out and kept on a solid platform of myths and legends. These words perfectly describe the Avatar game released for modern consoles, and in a flash format, and now every one of us can experience it for yourself. You have the possibility to play the game Avatar: The Legend of Aang controlling one of four characters - whether elements of fire, water, earth or air, you will like. According to legend, Aang must find the capacity to conquer all four elements - he has to save the world and defeat the evil forces. And only you can help him with this, doing the job and keep moving farther and farther away. All Games Avatar The Legend of Aang keep the main story line, carried through all three seasons of the animated series. The variety of characters, their abilities, background and approach to solving problems will get involved in the game again and again, each time discovering something new. You are sure to get back to this game, if you stay at least one unknown character - they all have outstanding abilities and always will know how to surprise you. Do not forget about the crowded plot. Play Avatar, especially interesting, because there is always some tension. Developments can wait no longer and frustrating player boring lazy turns. It is worth it to go back for a second game in mythology (and, respectively, and the animated series) - the combination in the Avatar of all four elements returns players to the origins of world mythology. Aang is the reincarnation of the Avatar, his people were brutally exterminated, and now he must defeat the fire lord. He learned a lot, overcoming obstacles and fighting enemies who want to prevent it from fulfilling its mission. The player must help Aang in this difficult matter, getting closer and closer to getting to know his friends and foes. Believe me, the Avatar: The Last Airbender does not impress anyone, regardless of age, gender and knowledge of Greek myths. So let this unique universe will reveal all their secrets! Play, discover, learn!

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