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Sonic games familiar to all of us from early childhood. In the days of consoles and joysticks we drove supergeroychika blue over the vast expanses of his magical world, collecting coins jingling and jumping on the head of evil enemies, prevents us from saving the world. This game was and still is the leader of all brodilok par with Super Mario, it is simple, dynamic and exciting - that is, has all the necessary parameters in order to win the hearts of children and be successful. Today, you can play games Sonic 2 on your computer online, and it has lots of advantages. The modern version of Sonic retains all the key moments, when added to the many additions and improvements. Now Sonic collects not just pennies - he rides a quad bike, exploring new areas and make new friends! Sonic Adventure - a whole series of games, whether or not related to each other, where the familiar Sonic fights with robots, walking in the garden or on a tropical island. Sometimes Sonic throughout the game even gets an ally, to fight with rivals! This game will leave an unforgettable impression on your child, broaden horizons, attention and reasoning, visual memory. Your child will play with passion and an enviable enthusiasm - because with downers they are saving the world, his friends and go towards adventure! But do not forget about those who are older - many with pleasure to rest an hour or two for your favorite game of childhood, remembering the years gone by, and the children's excitement. Why not save the world with the dream book, if you have a free half hour? Good old Sonic is known to all as good as Super Mario. Sonic Games Online Free will return to this colorful, full of adventure, strange world of kindness and friendship, where good always triumphs over evil. You yourself feel like a superhero and get real pleasure and thrill of unprofitable what exactly did you become the savior of the world in this time! Sonic will be able to play everyone, from kids to adults, because it is so easy and fun! Extremely exciting graphics, unforgettable emotions - this is exactly what you get when choosing sonic games on our site. Do not forget the light-hearted and colorful world of his childhood, he is waiting for you here in the adventures of Sonic and his friends! Sonic driver, rider Sonic, Sonic is the protector, and even Sonic robber - in any of its manifestations it remains the best in the business, and the winner of the super hero. Enjoy your games on our site, let Sonic will become your friend, helper and ally.

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