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Now, perhaps, only a lazy first-grader, never got bored in class, do not know what Zuma play online. Play this game to be available online from the moment the game, download an application or not - the choice was always the player. For nearly ten years, Zuma is firmly among the many casual games like themselves. Its purpose is simple - you need to destroy the balls of the same color consecutive in the chain, using the huge mouth frog, which is controlled by moving the mouse and from the moment the game was true to character Zuma. The game requires ingenuity and lightning fast response - not just to shoot quickly and carefully, because there is often the case that one wrong move would provoke utter your loss. Group the same balls as long as the green light at the bottom is full - then new balls will no longer appear. To break the consecutive balls of the same color, you need to shoot in between another the same, each time checking to mouth frog was the color of your ball. Change the color of the ball is usually possible to the space bar. Yes, it is quite easy to play online for free zoom, because it is fraught with many complex levels, the movement of the chain on the screen constantly accelerating, and in front of balls waiting chasm, which means getting into the loss and restart. If you knock out all the balls on the level, then it is passed, and you - the deserved winner. During the passage of offers and bonuses await obstacles. Balls slowly but surely strive to cater to the abyss, but with every bit of the exact impact they come back, extending your ability to knock out more and more balls of the game. Also caught balls with symbols, is a bonus. Zuma to play online, will give you bonuses such as the explosion of a large number of balls at the same time (bomb), stop motion (pause), a sight that goes from the mouth frog, reverse balls. Do not forget that for each level is allocated a certain time until the balls do not roll down into the abyss - then have to start the level again. There are two game modes: the passage of the "level by level" - the mode of Adventure - and endless game mode without levels, also known as Gauntlet, or "glove". Each player has the right to choose the mode that feels more comfortable for myself and to fully enjoy the game Zuma. We hope you enjoy the game Zuma for free, you can play directly on our site! Hope you will enjoy the game. Play Zuma Online The real fun!

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