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Mario Games - a whole series of interesting video game that Nintendo has created over twenty years ago. This is a game built on the platform type, and their main character - funny Italian plumber Mario, who lives and works in America. Today it is possible to play Mario online for free, and do without the downloads and installations of games on the computer. Originally, the game was designed for machines in 1981, and the main character's name was jumping and he was a carpenter. A well-known Mario appeared two years later, with his brother Luigi. The game takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom, and the brothers Mario appeared opponents. Also in the game include additional characters. All this is preserved today, when it became possible to play Mario online for free. This game is going through a number of different alterations and reincarnation. It was made for the NES, and the manufacturer, and for the PC and the phone. It is true, unfortunately, it sounds like a number of underdeveloped, and remains, but today it is on par with the graphics become the calling card of the game. Mario games online are very well represented in the pages of our website. Most games of this story: the hero saves the princess from kidnapping and protects the Mushroom Kingdom from the terrible creatures. In order to successfully play games of this type, you need to be smart about it, the reaction rate and the ability to think outside the box in certain situations. Because now the developers are trying to add to the game with a maximum plot moves. Today, these games have incorporated all the best: the most interesting plot moves, and enemies, and bonuses, and a variety of additional features. Mario Games Online are incredibly popular today among people of different age groups: for children is an interesting fun walker and for adults - nostalgic game. Especially, in the updated versions of the stories have a lot of branches and just original ideas. For example, you can chop up the heavy hammer of monsters, and you can just collect coins. There is also a more complicated version, which need maximum concentration and attention. Today, tomorrow and always in Mario games to play for free can be on this site. And these games will please many generations of gamers. Now Mario will not only save the princesses, but also solves the difficult task, and even fights with strangers. Fantasy designers limitless and favorite hero games for consoles can now meet you in the most bizarre circumstances.

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